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Griselda Garibay

Founder and Partner

Leadership  I  Strategy  I  Purpose

Griselda is a Latina immigrant, first-generation college graduate and strategist, passionate about empowering others, especially women and children. Given both the challenges and opportunities experienced, she is deeply committed to improving her surroundings by supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice initiatives. She achieves this by partnering with executives and solopreneurs to grow their presence and enhance their outcomes. Collaboration with the nonprofit sector is closely aligned with her professional and personal values.

Griselda has worked with international nonprofits such as the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative (VFHI). The VFHI is a portfolio of microfinance, human development, and social business initiatives that create opportunities for Haitians living in poverty to achieve sustainable human and economic development. Most recently she acted as the national director of the Women’s Leadership Program (Mujeres) for the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, where she developed and implemented a new engaging 14-week virtual curriculum impacting hundreds of mid-level Latina professionals.

Griselda holds a BA in French Business from the University of Illinois at Chicago, an MBA in International Business, and Masters in Public Service, both from DePaul University.



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