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Interim Executive Services

Leverage expertise without hiring pressures.

Organizational Strategy

Evaluate resources to maximize assets and scale your mission.

DEI & DEIJ Consulting

Ensure best practices for an engaged, diverse, and effective organization.

Communications Strategy

Gain clarity and cohesiveness on brand positioning to grow your reach.



Women Entrepreneurs

Female / Children-Focused Organizations

Social Impact Entities

Leadership Programs

Multi-lingual Entities


Interim Executive Services

When your organization has an immediate need for a partner with proven leadership skills and commitment to mission, we offer interim executive services as a bridge from where you are to where you want to be, at your pace. We act as an ally, supporting operations and institutional performance and help identify and position the new, permanent leader for success.

Client Benefits
  • Access nonprofit and corporate expertise to help you navigate transitions, short or long-term challenges, and opportunities.
  • Leverage a skillful outside perspective to drive the creation and implementation of a strategic vision that aligns staff, leadership, board members, and other stakeholders.
  • Gain a neutral ally who brings stability while you take the time to identify long-term needs:
    • Interim: Knowledge and experience on key initiatives for a 2 – 12 month period.
    • Interim-to-hire: When you need to fill a position immediately while conducting a search to find the long-term answer.
    • Fractional: Interim executive support when there is a long-term interim management role but it’s not a 5 day a week job.
    • Project: When you need an interim executive or expert with unique competencies to solve a specific problem or advance a particular initiative with defined activities and deliverables.

Organizational Strategy

A coherent strategic plan is vital for your organization’s success. We partner with you to ensure everyone, from your board to your leadership to your staff, is aligned with your mission, vision, values, and key priorities. Through our experience with both national and international nonprofits, we provide a blueprint to cement your offerings and expand your client base.

Client Benefits
  • Reach desired goals effectively and efficiently by collaboratively developing an approach from baseline assessment to execution.
  • Improve performance through analytical review and creative solutions for enhanced outcomes.
  • Audit existing processes and structures to identify areas of opportunity for maximum impact.

DEI & DEIJ Consulting

Embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice foster enhanced innovation and stakeholder engagement, which directly affects an organization’s mission. We support you by customizing how you intentionally embed DEI & DEIJ values in your approach and operations. We develop relevant and realistic plans for immediate and long-term impact.

Client Benefits
  • Embed diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice values to your overall strategy for higher mission impact.
  • Enhance employee contributions and satisfaction through a multicultural training lens.
  • Leverage bilingual facilitation to expertly engage stakeholders.

Communications Strategy

In an ever-changing and increasingly competitive landscape, it is vital to engage as much of your target audience as possible.

We help you gain clarity of your brand and services in English and Spanish via a clear and succinct communication plan thus growing your influence/reach.

Client Benefits
  • Ensure brand consistency and accuracy throughout your marketing materials.
  • Reach your target audience with confidence by refining your content in English or Spanish.
  • Effectively influence new and existing clients in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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